Case Study2

Our concept for this digital athlete training and management tool derived from working with two athletes. Sarah, who was looking to advance her athleticism to increase her chance of playing volleyball collegiately. And Avery, who needed to improve his athleticism to increase his confidence and continue playing competitive baseball. 

Avery Foster

Increase Athleticism + Build Confidence

Sarah Smith

Improve Sport-Specific Metrics to Become a Volleyball College Recruit

In addition to working with Avery and Sarah, we’ve worked with a middle school soccer team, a high school softball team and competitive baseball teams. Below are a few testimonials from those organizations. 

Pre-season training has been an ABSOLUTE GAMECHANGER for my softball program. I specifically liked how WORKOUTS WERE TAILORED to SPECIFIC ATHLETES, so my not-so-athletic girls were getting better while my most athletic kids on the team were still being challenged.
Coach Rennen Delatte
Softball Coach
"As a coach of the Bains Bombers, I was able to save valuable in-season practice time because Basic Fitness had our team in peak shape to perform in all conditions"
Coach Mike
Soccer Coach


"There is definitely a need in the market for a piece of tech like this for the high school/competitive team athletes. Its an untapped market."
US Olympic Rowing Athlete
+ App Developer
"Being able to see the background data on college recruits would be incredibly helpful.​."
Director of Athletic Training​
"Having a way to manage all of our coaches and athletes would be a gamechanger.."
High School Athletic Director
"This type of tech would help us big time; it would be awesome. Right now, all our data simply goes into Excel.."
Director of Player Development
Baseball Performance Lab
"Our group would be perfect for this. We only have these kids 10-12 weeks a year, but this tech would allow us to stay in touch with them the other 40 weeks and monitor their progression."
Competitive Baseball Manager
Knights Baseball Organization
"Having a way to manage all of our coaches and athletes would be a gamechanger.."
High School Athletic Director