Pricing Survey

Pricing Model Survey

As we begin developing out athlete management and team training digital platform, we are digging deeper into the pricing model/strategy that will best fit the intended market. Below is an overview of the product as well as three separate surveys. 


Team Factor is a digital platform that simplifies, digitizes, and summarizes the team training and athlete management process, to help coaches digitize their coaching methods, making them repeatable and trackable. This allows coaches to individualize training, which improves athlete’s experience and athletic outcome, keeping kids active and engaged in sports longer. The platform will focus on building and developing the strong athletic foundations of strength, speed, power, mobility, and agility in young athletes at the middle and high school levels.  It will allow coaches to create & share custom training regimens or utilize a library of age-appropriate, sport-specific regimens. It will also allow them to monitor & track the progress of individual athletes, position groups, & teams to better train & manage athletic performance through data collection & analytics. This helps coaches standardize their training with verifiable results & gives athletes a clear, trackable path to achieving better athletic performance.


If you are an ATHLETE or PARENT of an athlete, please choose the Athlete Survey

If you are a COACH or ADMINISTRATOR of a Middle, High School or Collegiate Athletic Team/Program, please chose the School Coach/Admin Survey.

If you are a COACH or ADMINISTRATOR of a Travel/Tournament Athletic Team/Program, please chose the Travel/Tournament Coach/Admin Survey.  

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback.